Amanah Finance Consultancy provides a wholesome and holistic Shariah advisory service for corporates, organisations, businesses, investors, asset managers, scholars, Imams, academics and individual clients. Our Shariah consultancy service centres on Islamic Finance, Islamic banking, Islamic Economics, Takaful, Islamic Capital Markets, Investments, Zakat, Wills and inheritance. 

Services for corporates and organisations include:

  • Independent advisory
  • Fatwa
  • Applied Shariah research
  • Shariah audit & review
  • Training and workshops 

Services for scholars, Imams and academics include:

  • Islamic Finance training
  • Zakat training
  • Fiqh and advanced Islamic law guidance
  • private studies
  • consultation

Services for individual clients:

  • Shariah audit and review of investments
  • Consultation
  • Private studies and education