Q. How long is the course?

A. There is no fixed time limit. We aim to complete the entire reading of Majallah al-Ahkam al-Adliyyah within 3 years. However, this is just an estimation and could be more. The objective of this specialisation is not the time, but the substance and focus to truly understand Fiqh al-Mu’amalat in depth. 

Q. What is the purpose of this course?

A. The purpose of this course is to study Fiqh al-Mu’amalat in depth and develop Taffaquh (deep understanding) in Fiqh al-Mu’amalat. 

Q. How do I register?

A. Email with your name, qualifications, location and mobile number. 

Q. Where will the course be held online?

A. The course will be held online on Zoom.

Q. What is the minimum requirements for a student?

A. Any student enrolling on this course must know Arabic and have some basic exposure to Fiqh texts in Arabic.

Q. How long will each lesson be?

A. Each lesson will be for 1 hour.

Q. What is the structure of this course?

A. This course is part of an entire Takhassus (specialisation) in Fiqh al-Mu’amalat. The idea is to begin with one text and then gradually start teaching other texts in Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh.

Q. Will there be a recording if I miss the course?

A. Recordings will be available for one week after the lesson. 

Q. How will payments be made?

A. Payments will be made through PayPal.

Q. When will fees be due?

A. Fees will be paid in advance per quarter at £90 for 3 months. If students struggle to make a quarterly payment, they may pay £30 monthly. 

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